Zu viele Eisen im Feuer?

Maikes Hochzeit
"The First Dance", photo by me, shows my little sister and her husband

Once again I am starting more projects that I am finishing. – How do you decide when and whether to start something new? It makes me insecure to have so many projects that I once started, and lost the impetus while doing something else, and the threat that it will happen again soon is getting more serious. Over the last days I started several new projects: I made a tunnel book card for my little sister who got married last weekend. I made photos on the evening itself, and now I want to bring them – or rather the CDs with the digital images of the photos – in a presentable form. Moreover I have two rather lengthy custom orders, one of which involves a lino cut. So the work on Moebius is on a halt for the moment. At least I got so far that in a day of concentrated work I should be able to finish it.

As if this was not enough, instead of working on the lino cut I am getting paid to do, I got distracted, and started the first of the prints for my (eternal?) “creature nightmare” project. I don’t want to disturb the beauty of the image above, therefore I only link to its Flickr image. I probably shouldn’t even have started it. But the image was in my mind and wanted to get out. What do you do to better structure your work? I tried to use lists, and only make sketches and notes, and try to reconnect later. Sometimes this is a good way to work, because thinking things over often improve them. But when I think an idea is sound, it just want or even needs to get out! – But I am unhappy about having too many projects at the same time. I already know now that I won’t finish them all. And now I urgently need to get back to work, to finish the cut, edit the next article for the BEST blog (the interview will be up on Friday – you should check it out!), and finally do some bookkeeping.

Mal wieder gibt’s eine Menge zu tun, und ich fange mehr Projekte an, als ich zu Ende bringe:

Meine Schwester hat letztes Wochenende geheiratet. Ich hatte ihr ein Tunnelbuch mit einem Hochzeitspaar unter Bögen von Blumen als Karte gemacht. – Leider habe ich vergessen, ein Foto davon zu machen, aber vielleicht liefert sie selbst ja noch eines nach. Auf der Feier selbst habe ich Fotos gemacht, und bin nun damit beschäftigt, sie in eine verschenkbare Form zu bringen. (Mehr wird nicht erzählt, sie könnte ja mitlesen!)

Außerdem sind mir noch zwei Aufträge dazwischengekommen, so dass Möbius ein wenig wird warten müssen. – Dafür habe ich angefangen, einen ersten Linolschnitt für mein Nachtmahrprojekt zu machen. Das poste ich habe nicht hier, um den Eindruck des Fotos oben nicht zu zerstören. Hier ist ein Link zur Flickr-Seite.

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  1. You sound as scattered as I am! Sigh… If anyone has helpful hints for people like us, I’d be interested to know. Good luck. The wedding, though, sounded like a very nice distraction!

    1. Mhm, no-one seems to have good advice for us. Seems I will have to find a way to live with this constant unease of not finishing a bunch of things that I started. My childhood training to finish what I started seems to be stronger than I thought myself.

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