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Being true to my own goals for this year, I thought I’d summarize my last week. Last Wednesday I drove to a DIY centre and bought another pine rod to form my dowels for the 346 scrolls, 2.5cm x 240cm.

I also bought two wooden saws and a saw bench. I must say, I almost felt a little ashamed buying it, because -apparently- somehow I feel every house should already have them. But we really don’t. Our toolbox is generally rather empty. In the past two moves we each time lost some power tools, too. Weird, – maybe attractive to movers? Anyway. If you ever assembled a wolfcraft sawing bench you afterwards know how to appreciate a good and clear IKEA assembly instruction. In other words, this cost me the whole morning. Then I cut the whole rod up in 31cm pieces, and called it a day.

Next up was: Sanding. I spend three whole days on sanding.

case making 01
cuttings cardboard disks

Both the rods and the cases needed sanding. The disks that form the two caps but also the cut edge of the cardboard tube itself. Like you might have expected, the rods are more time intensive than the cardboard. I sanded down three of them, as if I had already a feeling of what was going to happen next. But you’ll see later.

end of rod needs sanding, and disk being currently worked on
sanding 02
sanding the hole where the rod will sit.
dowel painting 02
painted rods drying

I decided to paint the rods white, because – you know: hospital. I found it harder than I first thought it would be to evenly paint the whole rod, including the small ends. You can see the three big ones in the photo above and two thinner ones which will get attached to the front of the scroll, the bit that comes out of the case.

It was Sunday by then. I already cut the paper a while ago (in December), and next up was printing:

printing 01
beginning to print. This is the front page with title, copyright note, and the first few paragraphs of the story

Of course some misprints happened during the process, so I needed to cut more paper some time along the way. But all in all it went smoothly and just took me one day of printing and checking on it. I read the whole page once before and once after printing. – I didn’t want to notice during binding or even after that something hadn’t printed to my satisfaction. I am sure there are still mistakes here or there, but I hope none too obvious!

printing 02
printing, a but further along. – First misprints on the far left
printing 03
The last page – Finished!

I finished printing the last pages after the kids went to bed. Phew! Despite reading while each page got printed, that still left me with a lot of waiting time. – I suppose I could do with a faster printer. – And so I also finished a lacre crochet square.
lace crochet block
On Monday, I had to work for Büchertiger Supplies: pack thread, get things on the way. So no progress on Monday. On Tuesday, it was time for assembling the scrolls, or rather, starting to assemble the scrolls, since I am not finished with that yet.

gluing things together
first two pieces glued together

For assembling the scroll I use the one deckle edge that I still have on the paper. – On three sides I cut off the deckle, top and bottom for a clean edge, the leading edge that goes into the printer needs to be straight for a consistant result, but the trailing edge there I left the deckle. So I have this small strip of paper where the thickness naturally shrinks to zero. I glue up an even strip at the straight edge of one piece and then glue the deckle edge of the next piece on top, rubbing down firmly with the bone folder. – Looks good so far. Just this process is fairly slow as the glued up edge needs to dry under a weight for a while. I am working on two tables with the two scroll, taking advantage of the space in my new studio room.

gluing things together 02
attaching a third piece on the other table

But even working on the two scrolls parallely, that still leaves me drying time to fill. So I worked a little on the miniatures in between. I’ll share more photos about that later in one block, instead of in between here. I suppose posting in chronological order would make this more confusing than necessary.

As you can see above, I couldn’t just assemble all pieces of the scroll without storing the paper somehow. – Or risk the scroll to get dirty or tear while hanging down from the table. After putting a few pieces together I needed to attach the dowels, so that I can roll up the part that is finished, and store it in a tube while I am not working on it.

gluing the end to the rod

So I glued up a fair bit at the end of the first scroll, and rolled this up firmly around the rod to let it dry.  Then I put three nails in to keep it there

scroll - wrong
paper nailed to the dowel

But turning it around…

scroll - wrong 02
handle on the top of the page – that is not how it is supposed!

… I noticed I had put it on wrong! Ack!

But it could have been worse. At the end of the scoll I have about 50cm of blank paper, so cutting off a couple of cm and attaching an new dowel was not really a problem. And I learned a lot from how the paper sat on the first one:

nail in dowel
The nail split the wood a little. – So I used thinner nails.

I was a bit worried about the nail having split the wood a little. When I tried to pry out the nail, the head came off. So that was the end of my trying to use the same rod twice. But- Luckily! – I had made three, so I had one to spare! All good.

nail in dowel 02
Prying out the nail didn’t work.

So upon second trial I took care to attach the dowels on both scrolls correctly, and used thinner nails. I also realized that the glue didn’t hold the paper at all. You can see in the photos above, that the paper attached no-where but at the nails, so I left that out this time, and it seems to work just fine.

And from then on, I was adding panel by panel to the scroll (still not finished), and in the dying time, I am looking into making more of the miniatures.
meanwhile making disinfectant dispensers 02I guess I have already shown you plenty of photos of how I work with this mouldable plastic. – I hope you are not bored! For those who have not seen it yet: The plastic gets heated in hot water, and then gets translucent and mouldable. It then dries opaque and hard.
meanwhile making disinfectant dispensers 04
When it is almost completely hard it is easy to cut through with a cutter. I made rods with a square cross section in slightly different blue hues and then composed them to form partially-filled bottles of disinfectant.
meanwhile making disinfectant dispensers 05

In the picture above the bottles are not completely cooled down yet. I wish they didn’t get more opaque than this but they do a little. Still, I am quite happy with the effect of the two colours, and how the bottles turned out.

Well, and that’s pretty much the state of things yesterday evening. This morning I spend in school, then at IKEA (our house still is only partially furnished, and we bought more book shelves), and then typing up this post. So not progress today. Let’s see how the next week goes. My to do list is still fairly long: Of course the scrolls need to be completed. The tubes for the scrolls need to be assembled, lined, and covered. The model needs some more miniatures, some of them quite important. (I still need an IV-bottle holder, books on the nightstand, the toiletting chair, a TV,…) And the box that is supposed to hold it all needs to be finished. And all that preferably before the end of January. – It’ll need some more night sessions if that’s supposed to work!

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  1. I looked at the photo of the first scroll page attached to the smaller dowel and thought “Oh no!” I believe this qualifies as a learning experience. (I hate learning experiences!)

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