Worktable Weekly: Making of a Study Book for Artists (Part V)

This is Part V of showing the process of how I made the book to the left. In the first part I cut the paper and boards, and prepared the pages for the book marks that are attached to the page’s corners. In part II the book block got sewn. In part III the boards were prepared, and in part IV showed how I attached the covers to the book block and covered the book’s spine. In this last post the final decorations will get added.

Dies ist der fünfte Teil des Making of des Buches auf der oben Seite. Im ersten Teil habe ich die Seiten in Form gerissen, die Deckel geschnitten, und die Seiten, die eines dieser Kapitelmarker tragen sollen verstärkt. Im zweiten Teil ging es vor allem ums Heften der Lagen. Im dritten Teil wurden die Deckel vorbereitet, im vierten Teil endlich die Deckel am Buchblock befestigt, und das Buch eingebunden, und in diesem letzten Teil zeige ich nun endlich wie die letzten Verzierungen angebracht wurden.

Der Buchblock hatte bereits einfache weiße Kapitalbänder am Kopf und am Schwanz. Am Kopf habe ich nun noch ein monastisches Kapitalband zusätzlich angebracht. Das wird durch das Leder am Rücken des Buches gestochen. Dafür habe ich braunen und olivfarbenen Leinenfaden genommen:

adding a secondary headbandThe book block already had simple endbands at the head and tail. I then added a monastic headband (only) at the head of the book. It is sewn through the leather at the spine of the book, and increases thus the coherence between both and closes the gap that might be there.

Finally I added the section marks at the upper right corner of the book. I chose to use silken bookmarker ribbons in yellow. The bookmarkers don’t have much bulk and are thus well suited for the task. – And I am finally done! More pictures here.

Als allerletzten Schritt habe ich dann noch die Lesebändchen an die obere rechte Ecke angebracht. Für dieses Buch habe ich mich für gelbe Seidenbänder entschieden. Die tragen nicht so auf und sind deshalb bestens geeignet. – Und damit bin ich endlich fertig. Mehr Bilder gibt’s hier.

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  1. Okay, you are pretty amazing to be giving birth and making books at about the same time. The curved leather with doodles and polka dots is lovely. Loved your in-the-hospital-bed sketches, too. Good luck with juggling books and babies. And remember to sleep now and then.

    1. Hi Paula,

      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      The book was finished weeks ago, at the moment I have indeed no time to make books, and getting enough sleep needs explicit scheduling 🙂
      The plan is to start to work again slowly in 4 weeks or so.

      And thank you for the compliments on the book and the sketches. Nice to hear you like them! The round leather end on the front cover is the natural end of this skin. I like to use this rougher end when I can.

      I will have to take a closer look at your blog in the next days. Looks like you had some fun projects in recent time!

  2. Ah! Knowing that the curve in the leather is the natural end compels me to further appreciate its uniqueness and now I like it even more.

    When my babies were little I was often frustrated that I couldn’t do everything that I did before, but I soon discovered that the pace of motherhood actually freed me to be nudged in the directions that I had never dreamed of. I don’t know if you have other little ones at home, so you may have already discovered these unlikely detours: it any case, it’s all such an adventure. Congrats on the addition to your family. I hope the babies (and the mom) are doing well. I will look forward to your return to the studio.

    1. I guess that having less time for bookbinding and book art, I will have to focus on one of them. I hope I’ll manage what you apparently did and focus on what is important to me, and not just on what is easy and fast to finish. Thank you for the well-wishes, I am looking forward to being back in the studio, too!

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