Worktable Weekly + Literature List

wwPicking up older threads. While I am waiting for a delivery of fresh paper for the Coptic binding kits, I am working on the mini pop-up book again. The magnifying glass is necessary because my eyesight isn’t as well as it once was. I have been short-sighted for a long time and now I am also getting far-sighted. Although it sounds like I can now see everywhere, far and short, actually the opposite is true. Sigh.

And now to something completely different: I am pretty sure by now that I will never manage to write about all the books in the stack waiting to be still reviewed here on the blog. I thought about making a list with comments instead but the list here of Peter Verheyen’s books is already there, I am lazy, and so I just refer you to there. It is also much, much more comprehensive than what I could offer. So go there if you don’t know the page already.What I am going to do, however, is a monthly list of what books about bookmaking, creating other stuff or art I bought. I suppose it will be interesting at least for myself to go back every now and then and see in which months I bought more or less.

So let’s see, February was pretty slow… There’s:

  • Leatherworks, a manual of techniques by Geoffrey West (not read yet)
  • Die wilde Seite der Fotografie von Cyrill Harnischmacher (editor) (only partly read, like it so far)