Worktable Weekend: Back to the Studio

Gruschwitz Linen Thread, Burgundy

I came back online and started off with making photos and listing the new spools of thread that I am offering in my Büchertiger Supplies Shop on Etsy and DaWanda. It is a beautiful 18/3 linen thread. The thread is not waxed. You could wax it by hand if so desired. I personally love to use it as it is. Instead of relying on wax to prevent fraying it has been calendered (that means essentially pressed) so that is developed a sheen and a smooth surface. The advantage of not waxing it when doing an exposed binding is that it won’t attract dirt as much as waxed thread does.

Sadly the give-away didn’t go well. If I have not overlooked anyone (please let me know if I did), I only received one entry among hundreds of spam entries (40 again today, no idea what is going on there!). Well, I will let it go on for another week, and hope some of you might still be interested.

Ich bin wieder online und zurück von meinem Miniurlaub. Ich habe das Arbeitswochenende damit begonnen, eine Menge Fotos zu machen und Faden in meine online Shops auf Etsy und DaWanda einzustellen. Der neue Gruschwitz-Faden ist ein schöner 18/3 Leinenfaden, der nicht gewachst, sondern statt dessen, um ein Fransen zu verhindern kalendert wurde, d.h. im wesentlichen gepresst. Dadurch bekommt er eine harte scheinende Oberfläche. Er kann vor der Benutzung gewachst werden, wenn das gewünscht ist. Ich benutze ihn allerdings am liebsten so wie er ist. Wenn man Bücher mit außen sichtbarem Faden macht, ist der Vorteil, dass er nicht so sehr Schmutz und Staub anzieht, wie gewachster Faden, und auch keine Wachsflecken auf Buchleinen hinterlässt.

Das Geschenk(e)-Verteilen lief leider nicht so gut. Ich hoffe, ich habe niemanden zwischen den hunderten von Spam-Einträgen übersehen (allein heute wieder 40, keine Ahnung was da gerade los ist), aber es sieht so aus, als gäbe es nur eine Interessentin. Ich lasse das mal noch eine weitere Woche laufen, in der Hoffnung, dass doch noch jemand Lust hat, mitzumachen.

preparations for three books

Well, anyway, after two and a half straight days of taking pictures and making listings I decided to take a break and make some books for a change.

Nun ja, nach anderthalb Tagen nichts anderem als Artikel Editieren und Fotos machen, habe ich dann entschieden, zur Abwechslung mal wieder ein paar Bücher zu machen.

The time didn’t suffice to make three books, and now the light doesn’t suffice to make good quality pictures of those I made. But I hope you will enjoy the following preview on them.

Drei sind es dann doch nicht geworden, dazu fehlte die Zeit. Und umausreichend gute Fotos zu machen, die ich für ein neues Listing benutzen kann, fehlt heute schon das Licht. Aber hier ein Vorgeschmack auf die Beiden:

Jeans Buch, 21cm hoch und breit, Mischung aus Recycleten und neuem Papier im Buchblock.

Jeans Book 21cm high and wide that are a bit more than 8 inches square. The pages are partly made from reclaimed and deconstructed paper bags, partially they are new.

Das natürliche Ende des Leders vorne, hinten komplett Leder. Hashtag-Bindung mit rostrotem Gruschwitz Faden.

The natural end of the leather is visible here on the front cover, the back cover is completely covered in this grungy looking black leather. Hashtag binding.

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  1. “Too hot to hoot”, that’s genius! You should make it a brand name! I tried to leave a comment on the hot hoot-post, but maybe you closed the comments? I get a lot of spam on my blog, too. But my new blogspot-blog seems fine so far. My only palindrome (never heard that word before) is stupid and Norwegian. It’s “Agnes i senga”, which means Agnes in bed. Consider it my entry. 🙂

    1. Hi Lillian,

      nice to hear from you again. I hope everything is fine on your end! Indeed comments get automatically closed for posts older than 14 days. Sorry about that, my fault. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll open it up again and do consider this your entry. “Agnes i senga” sounds (looks) sweet. Probably a lot of little girls called Agnes find it fun that their name spells bed backwards. I am sure I would have enjoyed that.


  2. This thread would be a pleasure to work with! I enjoy seeing the creativity you share on your blog.

  3. The books look great! And I am lusting after your threads, which look wonderful. I’m going to be giving those a closer look (not that I actually need thread, mind you… however….).

    As for your contest… I’ve been pondering it, but feel so dull in the head I can’t think straight! I will ponder some more.

    1. Hi Ellen,

      glad you like them! Wishing for a more expansive color selection in threads got me started in dealing with them, so I know what you mean 🙂

      Enjoy thinking about palindromes (or the like)! It was my intention to formulate an interesting puzzle, not to deal out detention to my readers. I read your comments on Amanda’s blog, too. I am sorry that you apparently got much worse in the past weeks. I hope things will get better soon, and you’ll be able to arrange everything to your needs and find a satisfying amount of time for things and occupations you enjoy. Have a nice weekend!

      1. Detention–ha! Thanks for your well wishes. It’s not so much that I’ve been particularly worse, exactly, it’s just that with these sorts of health problems there is a lot of variation, and even small things that should be inconsequential can leave me feeling pretty low. Then again, I’m sure you have quite a bit of difficulty carving out meaningful work time too! I hope you had a good weekend as well.

        1. Is detention the wrong word to use here? Well, I am happy to hear that it might not be as bad as it sounded. Still, arranging life with so many obstacles strewn into the way is challenging. Probably nothing but being patient with yourself and getting settled again will help, then. All the best!

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