state of the art 01
How my box looks today – window added

Monday’s are always shipping days, but today I continued my work on the box for “346”.

I decided to make the final thing out of acid free foam board after all. What I used here is a wood board that yellows considerably in the sun. I first thought I wanted that as a feature, but after thinking about it for a while I discarted that idea. Also looking closer at pictures, the walls in the room were really white, so white foam board it will be.

While I am waiting for the new material to arrive, I decided to continue work on one of the models nevertheless, to get an idea what I want and how to do it. Today I worked on adding the window.

state of the art 03
window on my worktable

I first cut a hole into the back wall of the room, glued a photo onto it. (It is indeed an image I took in that room.) then from Bristol board I first cut the window frame, then the frames that will hold the glass panels, cut acrylic sheet to side and glued it behind the frame, and then the framed acrylic onto the window frame. This way I even managed to glue on the top portion of the window at an angle.
Next I cut pieces of board to build a little box to go behind the hole in the wall, then painted a piece of board to go in as a window still. Voilá:

This is how it looks like through the door:

state of the art 02
view onto the window

From this angle it is very obvious that I’ll have to work on a bed frame. Also it is a view that you’ll never have from the finished box: This room is going to sit inside a proper cardboard box, and thus the doorway will be covered by board. – At least that was what I had in mind. Now I am thinking of maybe making at least this bit of the box a fall-open wall.

Well I already mentioned the bedframe. A lot of inventory features still have to be added: a televesion, a Spanish wall (I am actually looking forward to trying to make this!), bedsheets, different fixtures in the washing area, tiles on the walls in the washing area, cable canals, plugs, lamps, telefone, and much more. But, I’ll also work on miniature books that will go beside my bed. So it will get a little bookish at least again at some point before I turn back to finishing the scroll itself.

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