Work getting done

A bit of progress with Soul Song. Not much but still… (the little wooden thing is where the finished image should end and what will be part of the new book. The rest is my sketch book.)

This was a full weekend! On Friday I started to put my shops back online. Now the Etsy Shops for Büchertiger Studio & Press and Büchertiger Supplies are back online, and so is the DaWanda-Shop for Büchertiger Supplies. Since I also had to get acquainted with and implement the Royal Mail Shipping conditions, and convert the currency to British Pounds, this was quite a lot of work to do, and cost me the whole Friday. Then, I even started a new shop on yet another platform. Büchertiger Supplies on Folksy, and I plan to also eventually open one for Büchertiger Studio & Press there.  I like it since it focuses solely on truely handmade items and supplies.

Today I needed to respond to an inquiry of the German tax office. (Of course they start asking questions about our tax returns only after we left the country.) And then, I decided I’d grant me a little studio time. – It was great! I only got a little work done, but am satisfied with the results. Hopefully there will be more to come soon. A pleasant and creative new week to you all!