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My apologies that is has been so silent here in the past couple of weeks. I am slowly recovering from our vacation, and still trying to catch up with everything that has happend in the book-o-sphere during my absence.

Indeed I need to recover from this vacation: We first spent a week on the English East coast which was totally pleasant. But it was a vacation in a rented house with the kids, and by taking small kids on a trip you always take your everyday chores with you. When before having kids you would go away on a vacation to leave everything behind for a couple of days, with small toddlers or even babies there is no escape from everyday life. Going away just makes everything a little more complicated. We then spent a couple of days in our home in Nottingham to get our laundry done. And then went for another 13 days to Germany to visit parents, sibblings, cousins and grandparents.

It was wonderful seeing them all again, and the days in Germany started off in the style of a fairy tale, in a hotel suite in an old castle where my youngest sister celebrated her wedding. Going to visit my parents is always a double edged thing. While much of the stress that is connected with going abroad with the kids is alleviated by my parents looking after their grandchildren from time to time, me feeling like a teenager again more than makes up for it. So toward the end of the trip, and a total of 5 different beds to sleep in during the last three weeks, we are all very happy to be home again.

I had a brief glance at my studio and there are a couple of threads to pick up. I finished two copies of the nightmare boxes just before leaving, and 10 others are still waiting to be finished. Mostly they are all done. All there is left to do is making the parchment scroll that you can see in the picture in the background here, which contains information about the text, images, and the edition. I will have to do this quickly, otherwise I fear it won’t get done at all. – Since no problem solving is involved here, just merely a task to finish, I need to push myself to really doing this.

And then there are two other projects I really want to finish because they are essentially done in my head. At the same time it is really time I started with the next instruction. (In my Coptic binding box a Ethiopian binding box was announced for end of 2012!) Too much to do, I find it hard to decide what to concentrate on, and what to do next. So I first dedicated some time to my shops which is and was also desperately necessary.

I am going to order more lin cable in a week from now. If you are interested in pre-ordering thread (any colour, any size they produce), drop me a note, and I’ll let you know the details. In the meantime, while I am rearranging my shelves, you can enjoy a 5% discount on all books (total value of your cart has to be £10) at Büchertigers’s Bücherladen and also 5% discount on all items at Büchertiger Supplies (again, total value has to be at leat £10) by entering the coupon code BackHome.

I’ll let you know when the Nightmare boxes have progressed. A good Sunday to you all!

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    1. Hi Cathryn,

      yes, the photo was taken during the wedding reception. The photographer arranged the kids, and I sneaked a shot over her shoulder before she made hers.

  1. That’s such a cute picture of the kids! I can’t imagine taking one, let alone two, small children on such a long holiday! That you are even able to be back online, tending to business and sounding lucid is a testament to your inner strength.

    I love the nightmare box! Looks great. I do hope you are able to continue assembling them soon. I actually find the assembling stage the hardest, myself. It seems to require more discipline than the rest. But that’s just me. Good luck with it all!

    1. I am glad you like the look of the nightmare box. I am rather happy with how all turned out in the end: it has come quite far from the first version which you came to see. And I am looking forward to telling you and everyone more about it. The plan is to finish the edition first, though. I hope this will suffice as an incentive to actually do it. – The final steps are always the hardest, indeed they require more descipline than the exciting rest – it is not just you. Thanks for the good wishes! And I hope you’ll get some studio time some time, too!

  2. I suppose that your vacation were not very relaxing but the fact of changing air and visit other places with your family is very refreshing. I hope the trip gave you some inspiration to continue with your proyect at home.
    I like the concept of the nightmare boxes, is like your own dreamcatcher…



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