What I will be thinking about…

tunnelbook prop #(lost record)I won’t work, and won’t be in my studio for a while, and try to also mentally get some distance between me and my  work, get some space in my head to fill with new ideas and impressions.

Today is my last day here – also the blog will be silent for a while, and you get a rest from my babblings.

I am always reluctant, though, to leave work unfinished. And there is more than just one project waiting for me to come back.

The new tunnel book was just one of my distractions, but turned more important during the last week – that’s how it always starts, hehe.

I was not completely satisfied with my last props. Here you see another one – the addition to the top is supposed to work against the claustrophobic feel the other structures had. I want to picture ocean, not a cave! I’m still not quite there, but I have some ideas what I could still modify and try. But my studio is closed from tomorrow on – I’ll be thinking about it…

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  1. Just for when you are back – I’ve written about your Coptic Headbands book on my latest blog post (22 August) and given a link to your site if anyone wants to buy a copy. I like mine very much and will be using it soon

    1. Thanks for the notification! It’s always good to hear that a package arrived safely. And I am glad to hear that you like it!
      Let me know if it turns out that a part of the instructions are unclear. I am happy to help with further advice via email.
      And thanks for the promo 🙂

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