Welcome Give Away: The Winners Are…

It is time to pull the winners for my give-aways. I pulled from the 16 people who left comments on the first post on this blog.

the names and the hatlike object
the names and the hatlike object

I wrote all the names on scraps of paper, put them in a hat-like object, and then shook it until one dropped out:


The material package goes to Robyn Tipton.

Ritter Sport Mini book
And the process repeated yielded Julia from the Spotted Sparrow as winner of the Mini Ritter Sport Book.

Congratulations to both! I already wrote you an Email to ask for your shipment details.

Thanks to all who commented and thus helped to improve the layout of this page.
I decided to keep the first banner for the moment. (Mainly because I am really fed up with coding and computers at this point.) I’m glad no one complained too much about it. On the long run I might change it to the second which I personally like better, and it got the most votes from you, too.

I hope to see you all around and hear from you again!

P.S.: I didn’t have the time to write an honest blog-entry about it, but just so that you don’t miss it, here’s a brief note: If you want to have a look at some exceptional nice pieces of book art, then check the Minneapolis Center of Book Arts Prize Finalists Page.

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