zwei kreuye
obviously not finished yet: my first trial, not sure whether it will be my (first) contribution; I do have ideas for larger squares…

It is time for another Webfind’s Wednesday! This month’s find is the freshest so far. I had a post scheduled which I now rescheduled for next month to make space to guide you to The 70273 Project. This is the freshest find I’ll present in a while, I guess, I just learned about it today, a couple of hours before writing this blog post.

This project is about a joint effort to create a (well, many) quilt to commemorate the 70273 disabled women and men murdered under the Nazi Action T4 from September 1939 to August 1941. It is a gigantic call for contributions: Squared for the quilt should be two red crosses on a white piece of fabric. Details about how to contribute, how to make and where to send squares can be found here. I am going to make at least one. But none is finished so far, so, unfortunately, no images to accomany this webfind.

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