We have Winners – Opening photos at the End of the Show

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Thank you, Vicky and Lillian, for entering my give-away. Since you are the only two, I decided to give a print to both of you. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I will get to you via email asap.


me at the show opening

My exhibition “Verdeckte Botschaft” in Bonn, Beuel will be on for one more day, then I am going to take everything home again. – Just the time to post some photos of the opening show. There are not many, and each one has me in the picture since I received them from others who apparently were mostly interested in me, not in the other guests. Well, lesson learned, next time I’ll take my own camera.

Meine Ausstellung in der Bezirksbibliothek Beuel ist noch für einen letzten Tag zu sehen, dann nehme ich wieder alles mit nach Hause. Wer also noch nicht da war und doch nochmal vorbeischauen will, hat also noch eine letzte Chance, das zu tun. – Genau der richtige Zeitpunkt, einige Bilder von der Vernissage zu zeigen.

me talking to a guy from the newpaper

I was very nervous what he would make of all my talk, and I am very happy about the article he wrote. Apparently I was making sense to him despite my nervous and slightly alcohol inspired talk.

Das bin ich, wie ich mit einem Typen vom Bonner Generalanzeiger spreche. Er hat meinem Vortrag (eine meiner schlechten Eigenschaften ist, dass ich schnell anfange zu dozieren, vor allem wenn ich ein wenig schicker bin, wie an diesem Abend) erfreulich viel Sinn entnommen und einen schönen Artikel über die Ausstellung geschrieben.

Simone enjoying Moebius I

For the opening I brough Moebius I for handling. Simone broke ice for everyone. Many were too scared to play with an art object.

Für die Eröffnung hatt ich auch Moebius I dabei, mit dem die Gäste spielen und experimentieren durften.

me talking about "frozen" and some people listening
pointing at flying books


8 replies on “We have Winners – Opening photos at the End of the Show”

  1. What a delightful looking opening. I do like the outfit you chose. Red and black suit you. The hat was a great touch. I am so glad that your show went well. And it’s hard to believe it’s already over! More so for you, I’m sure.

    You look so serious talking to the reporter. I’m glad he wrote a good review! Is it online? I might still have enough rusty passive German reading ability in me to make sense of some of it.

  2. What a lovely photo of you at your opening! You really suit hats, I think. It helps to have hair that will show with a hat. Mine is too straight and flat. ;-(
    Congratulations on the show too – I hope it went really well for you.

    1. thanks, Amanda. It was interesting for me to do the show. I didn’t expect the best thing for me that came out of it so far is that I learned a lot about my own work through the process. Talking about this, I realized a greater picture for the first time, and saw what I do and why I did it. This actually helps me now in everyday planning to decide on what are key topics that I should develop further and what can be put aside for a while.
      But who am I talking to: I suppose from your own practice and study and all, that is something you do and experience frequently.

  3. Yesss, I (sort of) won!! I’m delighted, thank you!! Exhibition, how exciting! I need to read around your blog when junior is asleep. 🙂

    1. Good to see you happy about it! 🙂 And thank you again for participating. I know about lacking the time for reading blogs… And by now our kids are so envious of the computer that I am unable to read them even when they are peacefully playing on their own. The moment I switch it on, they try to crawl on my lap and hit on the keyboard.

  4. How did I never discover your blog before? I’m so happy to have come across it via Vicky’s blog, which I have on my feed. I love your comment that following instructions is not exactly your thing — me neither! I’m a just do it artist, rather than a plan and execute one, for better or worse.

    I’ll keep following you, so glad to be here.

  5. Hi Liz,

    so nice to see a new reader stop by. Despite your aversion to instructions you seem to do pretty well with your recent needlework 🙂
    So, welcome and I hope you’ll like it here!


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