Unforgotten – the newest book tunnel

book tunnel unforgotten 03

This is the inside of my newest book tunnel. Like the other tunnel it is meant to picture a type of book/a class of literature reception. (Anyone out there who has a good word to describe this?) This one is dedicated to the rediscovered classic.

It is probably (hopefully) not hard to tell that you are meant to think of an old and dense forest with the book sitting there on a column, almost overgrown.

micro books
The mini book that is set inside the tunnel is bound in leather and has the title “unforgettable” written across the spine and the front cover. The pages are blank, though. This image was visible in my Flickr photostream already a while ago.

book tunnel unforgotten 01
This is how the tunnel looks from the outside.
What I like about these book tunnels is the discrepancy between the outside look, and the view when you look through it. It is hard to capture the effect in a photo because it really is a 3D effect. I am disappointed with my images, because I think the tunnel looks shorter on the inside view image compared to the outside view image. In reality it is just the other way around, and I always wonder whether there might be some spell on the cardboard that makes the inside larger than it looks from the outside.

The facts: The tunnel is 50cm long and 11cm x 11cm across. The inside consists of a tunnel book which is cut from a single sheet of paper. The trees are drawn with ink and then colored with water colors. The box is painted with acrylic paint.This time the top lid can be opened, but it’s not meant to; this is just meant to be used in emergency cases, like when the tiny book falls off its column or similar.