Thinking, Sorting, Planning

I'm using my Maxi Book :-)
I'm using my Maxi Book 🙂

Today I’m trying to figure out what I should be doing next. My main question is: Should I start something completely new? Or should I better work out some old ideas? I’m for example thinking about whether I should make an improved, bigger version of “becoming buechertiger” into an edition.  But I also have so many new ideas that I really want to try – should I be wasting time with old ideas?
While thinking about what to do next, I never got started with doing anything in the past days.

So I decided to sort it all out: This morning I made the following diagram that was meant to help me understand how my different pieces of art connect, and what aspects in my previous work were important.

my try to get a picture of where I am going
my try to get a picture od where I was going 🙂

The general plan was to then group my new ideas into these newly found categories. And decide in which of these broader concepts I want to keep on working. (Have a look at a set containing many of them, – they are roughly sorted by finishing date, newest first.)

My trials to understand where I come from were not so über-successful, though.

I can’t help but laugh about my inability to come up with a good way of picturing that. Does that mean that it’s good or bad that I never took a graph theory seminar while still studying maths?

Despite the failure of the initial plan I managed to narrow down my 15 ideas to 5  “do immediately”-plans.

But I have no idea with what to start first. All you guys out there who went to art school and learned how to do that: Which are the criteria that make you decide for one and against another project? Probably I should simply throw a dice.

Just to let you know that it’s not forgotten: I mentioned in a comment recently that I am working on a method for double Coptic headbands. I came up with one and a half methods which sort of work. I’ll try to make them more perfect and make a book which is suited to present them. This is one of my many plans for the weekend. Let’s see what I will be able to present on Monday.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for reading!