The Making And The Loss of a Teeny Tiny Travel Journal

Making Covers

I decided it was time to make some teeny tiny journals again. Today, I decided, I would make a mini version of one of my latest travel journal, with the remaining bits of the paste paper I used on it.

In the photo on the left you see me making covers for it. Just like the big ones they are laminated from watercolor paper, covered with black leather.

Ich habe mal wieder Winzbücher gemacht. Links könnt ihr sehen, wie ich gerade einen der Deckel mit Leder beziehe.

Finished covers

On the right you can see the finished covers – of course one of them has a tiny bit of that paste paper as part of the decoration, and the paste downs are from that same paste paper.

Alle Schritte sind gerade die gleichen, wie bei den großen Journals: Als erstes werden die Seiten gefaltet und zugeschnitten – das habe ich jetzt nicht photographiert – dann die Deckel gemacht. Als nächstes die Löcher vorgeschnitten und das Buch gebunden. Dann geht’s an den Slipcase…

Der Slipcase ist ein bisschen anders als die großen: Ich habe auf ein Innenfutterverzichtet. Bei der geringen Größe. macht die Schwellung durch Feuchtigkeit nicht viel aus. Aber genau wie sonst auch, habe ich den Schuber als geritzte Schachtel konstruiert.

On the left you see me constructing the slipcase.

And there is the finished book with its slipcase.  Just like the big ones. With the leather thong to retrieve the book. Leather covers the head, spine and tail of the book, the paste paper the sides. One difference – the pages are a off white sketching paper, not the Kraft paper I normally use.

Das fertige Buch mit dem Slipcase. Ganz so wie die großen. Aber nun kommt die tragische Geschichte: Als ich das unten stehende Bild nochmal machen wollte (bei dem kleinen Format hier sieht man das nicht, es ist in wirklichkeit ziemlich viel Bewegungsunschärfte drin), ist es mir vom Balkon gefallen – und ich konnte es nicht wiederfinden.And now the sad story: I wanted to make the picture above again – because it has a lot of blurriness, that maybe isn’t visible in this small sized image, but it makes your eyes water when you look at a bigger version. Anyway, I wanted to make this picture again, and if possible without holding the book. So I was balancing the book and slipcase on my index of my left hand, holding my camera in my right hand. Then: A gush of wind, me trying to get hold again of the book and send it flying off the balkony. Down they went, the book and its case, a fall of 3 stories, into the bushes. – I commenced into crawling through them, getting scratched and dirty, but all I could find was the slipcase. The book itself, seems to be too well camouflaged with its greens, black, yellows and whites.
Ah, well. Here’s another picture to say goodbye:

Teeny Tiny Travel Journal
A Bite of Book

10 replies on “The Making And The Loss of a Teeny Tiny Travel Journal”

  1. Thanks, Amanda and Sandy. Yes, at least I have the pictures. I am not overly sad: all one really does with these mini books is show them off, and while I cannot give it into the hands of amazed visitors, I can still show it off virtually.

  2. LOL!!!.. Hilke you should sell them as pendants!!! they are sooooooo lovely!!! I’d love to have one pendant from one of your tiny journals!

  3. Oh how dreadful! I’m hoping that somehow, someone will find it and be delighted by it? (I must admit, the set-up with the sudden gust of wind (and a camouflaged cover no less) sounds like something that could be sickly funny…in a movie, to someone else, maybe several years after the fact!) It was/is a lovely book. I adore your minis. Glad you got some pics.

  4. glad you took some photo before the mini went astray. I always love to see your mini-books and still treasure the one you gave me last year 🙂

  5. Hi Hilke

    I was just about to say what a wonderful book, it still is an amazing achievement, but what a sad ending to the story. 🙁

    The picture of the book on your hand shows scale, which is useful. If you really don’t like the background, could you just crop away some of the area you don’t like, using Photoshop or similar photo editing software? So that just your hand is in the picture?

    DH suggested making a loop from just the glued area, of a Post It note, if cut small it would not be seen but might be enought to hold a project upright for a short time.

    Hope that helps

    Great pictures and great ideas tho.

    Best wishes

    Billie 🙂

  6. Thanks Billie!
    I am satisfied with the background in the image. I wanted to make it again, because the book itself is blurry. But I have other images, and they are fine (they just don’t have the same beautiful background).

    Sticking a book to the finger might indeed be a good idea for the next time. Thanks for sharing this idea!

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