The ill effects of age. And: New Print


The twins usually come home from school starving, so we pretty much eat tea immediately when they are back. Since I didn’t have anything at home for them today, I was going to buy something from the supermarket. It is pretty close, and I usually walk there. So about half an hour before I had to drive to pick them up, I left the house to go to the supermarket. Going through the kitchen, I decided to put a packet of sweets (of which they can have one on the way back home) into the car on my way out. When I reached the supermarket, I realized I was still holding the sweets in my hand. Since I bought them at the same supermarket, I couldn’t go in with them. So I walked back home to put them in the car. Once there I figured, it might be better to now take the car to the supermarket, as it was getting late. So I drove down the road, I have to go right to the supermarket, left to school. Somehow, sitting in the car, triggered the “go left” routine, I guess, at least I found myself on the way to school a couple minutes later. Oh dear, turned around, got to the supermarket, bought snacks. – And walked home, wondering where my car is! I guess that is the toll it takes to raise kids. Or maybe I am just getting older.

During the rest of the day I had an unexpected hour for myself or so, and made a new print in the woman with hat series:

Woman with Hat 4

The photo, taken with my mobile phone, is not so very convincing, but with the prints I am rather happy.
Yay! My first printing session in the new studio.

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  1. Loved the story: makes me feel a bit better about being absent-minded. I think in my case it is caused by age, but i suspect that in your case it is from being a parent of two still quite young chidden! ; ]

    1. Glad you liked my little story. This is just not my day, I guess, and my memory lapses didn’t get better the rest of the day. But I spare you stories of waiting UPS delivery women because I couldn’t find my cheque book, or laundry left in the machine, because mentioning that I am going to take it out is the same as actually taking it out, right…

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