The Eye Of The Monster

monster book by H.Kurzke work in progress
the eyes I used for all previous book monsters

I started to work on new monster books yesterday. Today I am choosing the eyes for the books. Mhm, which one should I choose?

Gestern habe ich erste Vorbereitungen für neue Monsterbücher getroffen, heute geht’s weiter. Welche Augen soll ich ich nehmen?

monster book by H. Kurzke, work in progress
bigger, round eyes
monster book by H. Kurzke, work in progress
even bigger eyes; remind me of pacman for some reason
monster book by H. Kurzke, work in progress
different sized eyes

Maybe that is a bit too much. I cannot really decide whether I like the medium or large eyes better, and so decided to use both for the two books I am preparing at the moment. – And on Monday I am going to finally finish the books. Talk to you then!

Zwei verschieden große Augen sind vielleicht doch zu wild. Ich kann mich nicht ganz entscheiden, ob ich die mittelgroßen oder riesigen Augen lieber mag. Also habe ich erstmal entschieden beide zu benutzen. Am Montag geht es dann endgültig ans Heften.

monster book by H. Kurzke, work in progress
medium sized round eyes for Bert the blue monster and big round eyes for Hooberta the hot pink monster

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  1. Haha, I added that example just for fun 🙂 Maybe I should offer it as an option for people to order custom made.
    The shop where I get them also has eyes which have a lid and lashes and look like they were painted with eye shadow. I always thought they looked too weird, but maybe I try a pair of those, too.

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