The Awful German Language Pamphlet – Now Affordable

Hilke Kurzke
The Awful German Language Pamphlet

Do you remember my Awful German Language Pamphlet Project? I cut and printed 10 Lino cuts, illustrating Mark Twain’s “Awful German Language”, an appendix to “A Vamp Abroad”. The plan was, to have this limited handprinted edition of 12 sell for an hourly wage of 5$ (haha!) which gave it a price of 120$ a piece. Then my time would have been paid for, and I would scan the cuts, edition it again, and sell a cheap open edition of fully digitally printed copies.

Well, I’ll probably never will make the fully digital version. Vamp&Tramp told me they were not interested in selling the limited edition because those of their customers who would generally be interested in such work, would then want it to be letterpress printed. The fact that the lino cuts were “real” was not really important there. And I suppose they are right.

So I decided, to sell off the limited edition for the price that was originally intended for the fully digital version.

Now it’s affordable, go get it here in my shop, or here at Etsy!

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