The Actor – Boasting About My Newest Print

The Actor
I finished another lino print a few days ago, and now that the paint is dry, and it is listed in my shop(s), I am burning to show it off.

This is the first stand-alone print in almost two years that I made;  other lino cuts I made in the meantime were part of a book or embedded in another context. You may remember: I started cutting lino with some landscapes (Night at the River was the best in this series, I think), then came a series of lions, the nightlion the largest print among then, and then I stopped for a while, being a little frustrated, to be honest. The following cuts that I made were always part of something: For the Smiley Oracle, for the Awful German Language I cut lino of course, and I made the monster’s eyes zine. But all these cuts were tiny and felt quite different from a print that I want to distribute as a sheet of paper. – And now I am pretty pleased and proud of how it turned out!

The Actor
The Actor, lino cut by H.Kurzke

4 replies on “The Actor – Boasting About My Newest Print”

  1. Very nice! My husband, the former professional actor, would note that the actor has his back to the audience. He’s obviously doing that for dramatic purposes. :}

    1. Yep, he is kind of turning the back to the audience. Or rather, there is not a consistent viewpoint in the picture: you are looking from behind the stage into the audience but from the viewpoint of the audience at the actor. The light on the other hand, is correctly positioned. – It just doesn’t add up to a consistent viewpoint. I felt the distorted perspective makes it looks kind of old school. And I hope it gives the viewer something to look at. Something mildly irritating that keeps the image interesting also after the second glance.

  2. … But maybe you are right, and I failed, and it *does* only look like he is turning his back to the audience. – For dramatic reasons only, of course 😉

  3. It seems the more you look at it, the more you see in it. It makes me want to look at it again and again–in the best possible way. It’s mysterious as well as dramatic.

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