Thanks for all your comments on my review of the last year!

Christmas present
a new lightbox

Since yesterday I am back in my  studio and working again. And I even received some gifts for Christmas that will help with this: A new lightbox – it is super easy to store since it folds together with a few twists to the size of a book.

And I got some new papers, too!- Mostly Italian papers, but also a Japanese sheet between them.

Upon returning to my studio I realized that I’ll have to have a girdle book finished by Monday for the swap we are holding on Jackie’s book arts forum. So now I am hurriedly making something, and I will have to struggle already in my first week this year with my plans of having a more

more Christmas presents
new patterned paper

balanced week, but it feels good to be back creating. 

You have a good start into this year, too – I am looking forward to seeing you around!

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  1. Your lightbox is fabulous, I’m very envious. Please post some photos of your girdle book after the swap, I’d love to see it. Maybe this year I’ll get back to Jackie’s Book Arts Forum. Happy New Year! Carol

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