The Awful German Language – The Special Edition is Finished

The Awful German Language Pamphlet - Finally finished!

I finished this special edition of “Awful German Language” with my hand printed lino cuts just in time for the craft fair and the holidays.

The text is by Mark Twain who spent time in Heidelberg, learning German. He had fallen in love with Heidelberg, gushing over its splendor in “A Tramp Abroad”. Apparently he had something like a love-hate for the language which is brilliantly and pointedly written up in this essay of his with the title “The Awful German Language” , an appendix to A Tramp Abroad. It’s an amusing read for everyone who knows enough of the two languages to compare them.

In this edition I added my own lino cuts to illustrate the story. It’s 10 cuts, one of them in three colors. In this special edition the text is inkjet printed with the cuts printed by hand on the pages. It is of course hand bound – the binding style is called reversed bookcloth binding, and makes the book open with ease and without stress on the materials – which gives it a long live.
Learning German
This is the first paragraph of the text – just to give you an impression:

“I went often to look at the collection of curiosities in Heidelberg Castle, and one day I surprised the keeper of it with my German. I spoke entirely in that language. He was greatly interested; and after I had talked a while he said my German was very rare, possibly a “unique”; and wanted to add it to his museum.

If he had known what it had cost me to acquire my art, he would also have known that it would break any collector to buy it. Harris and I had been hard at work on our German during several weeks at that time, and although we had made good progress, it had been accomplished under great difficulty and annoyance, for three of our teachers had died in the mean time. A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is.”

It is available directly through me for 80 Euro (find all the details on my homepage). I also listed in in my Etsy Shop, here you’ll find it in US-$.

I am planning to make a less exquisite open edition which will be wholly inkjet printed with the prints scanned in, hopefully available in January. But this is only plans, I have not even started yet.
I hope you enjoy them, see more pictures here on Flickr. And I would be delighted to know it makes it way to a gift table for one of the upcoming holidays!

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  1. Thanks, Julia! I am glad to hear that you like it ­čÖé

    I hoped it would be interesting to all you Americans who had the pleasure (or not so) to learn German.

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