Very generally: My business is based in the UK. Although the UK are no longer a member of the EU, if you buy from me, no matter whether you order via email, phone or through Etsy or another third party platform, for now the consumer laws remain the same.
If you commission a book, we will always discuss the terms of the consignment like payment and time scale. I usually offer two different contract types: Either a fixed price, or one where I invoice you for materials and time separately. I will usually ask for part payment before I start work on your book; and reception of your first payment constitutes acceptance of the proposed work contract. Once the item is finished and ready to go into the mail, all the below terms and conditions for other ready made items apply just the same.
When ordering a finished product, the contract is established the moment your payment has come through, or we mutually, explicitly agree otherwise. Should your order/purchase have been by mistake or contain false information, incorrect shipment information in particular, please contact me immediately so that I can change the information or cancel the sale.
If a package is not deliverable due to an inaccurate shipping address provided by the buyer, or if a package is unclaimed by the buyer, I cannot be held responsible. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of (re-)shipping the package.


(1) When ordering through a 3rd party plattform, please refer to their terms and conditions, and what payment types I accept there. These will partially be plattform specific (Etsy for example has their own payment system), and partially through other payment providers (like Paypal or Stripe).

(2) If you order directly from me, and your bank account is located in the UK I prefer bank transfers, but also accept payment through Paypal. If you or your bank account are outside the UK, please inform me right away, so that we can discuss what payment options there are. Often Paypal will be an option open to you.

(3) If you are buying in person, I accept cash or card payments when I can connect the card-reader which works with Paypal on my end, and your card provider on your end.

Please refer to the respective payment provider sites for privacy and security information.


Please notify me asap if you would like your items send to a different address than the one provided through Paypal or the address on your pro-forma invoice!
If a package is not deliverable due to an inaccurate shipping address provided by the buyer, or if a package is unclaimed by the buyer, I cannot be held responsible. The buyer will therefore be responsible for the cost of (re-)shipping the package.

(1) Usually I send out items 1-3 business days after I received your payment.

(2) If your items get shipped to a destination outside the UK, customs and other border-crossing fees may be due. They have to be paid at your country’s tax office, and vary with the destination. I have no control over them, and they are your responsibility. If you fail to pay those fees, your custom office will hold them for a while and eventually send them back to me. In which case I will then treat them as returned via the extended refund policy (see below).

(3) You have to make sure that you are allowed to import the items you purchase. I can not be held responsible for items held by customs.
If you have questions or doubts about that you can also contact me, and I will try to help you to figure out what you are allowed to import.

(4) I carry the risk of items being lost in the post. Which means you get a full refund for items which do not reach you. On the shipping day, I will usually give you a delivery estimate. But since that’s an estimate, it can take longer at times. Depending on the destination and shipping mode, it can take longer until Royal Mail (and thus I) regard a parcel as not-delivered. But please do contact me immediately, if you have any concerns about something not reaching you. I will then inform you about when it will be regarded as lost, and sometimes I can make inquiries about a parcels whereabouts, and find out more.
All claims regarding non-reception must be made within six months after you placed your order to be eligible for a refund.

(5) Usually I ship out in new container boxes or envelopes. But I also recycle as much packaging material as possible and sometimes sent out orders in used boxes. Filling material is usually re-used packaging material and might be paper or plastic. If you have preferences regarding packaging material, please let me know before finalizing the purchase.

Refunds and Exchanges

Despite my aim to only ship and sell work that is well done, it could happen that something escapes my attention. In that case you have the right to complain about the goods you received, you can give them back, exchange them (for the same item), or ask for a fix, and it won’t cost you anything as long as the following conditions are satisfied:

If you are dissatisfied with your goods please contact me so that we can discuss a refund. Don’t send your items back before contacting me. Generally I’ll take back all goods as long as
a) you notify me within 14 days after reception
b) you ship according to my instructions
c) they reach me in the state I sent them to you. (That means for example that I won’t take thread back that you already cut, scraped the wax off or damaged in another way. I won’t take a book back in which you already wrote, your child scribbled, if a page is ripped out, something was glued to it, or similar.)

I will refund all of your costs, including basic shipment and return shipment if you have reason to be dissatisfied with the quality of the product. (Please notice that extra services like rush order or guaranteed delivery are not refundable once they were provided.)

IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: No returns of digital files for obvious reasons. If you are dissatisfied with a file you received please contact me to discuss the problems you are experiencing.

If you want to give your items back for any other reason than a lack in quality: for example because the thread is thicker or thinner than expected, has a different hue than expected, or simply because you have changed your mind, ANY reason other than a lack in quality or my mistake in packing your order, then the extended refund policy applies.
In that case you can still contact me, cancel your sale within 14 days of receiving your goods, and after doing so send the item back to me. You can also cancel your order BY sending it back to me. However, I think it works best for both of us if I know what to expect. Contacting me also makes sure you stay within the 14 days time frame you have for cancellation of your order. – Communication always makes things so much easier for both parties! If and when the goods reach me in the state I sent them to you (see above; this is not about how the post treats the package.) I’ll refund the price of the product and the shipment costs you paid me to send it to you (minus anything I have to pay upon receipt, like customs fees or if the postage you put on was insufficient). That means, you have to pay for the return shipment, but the initial postage of shipping the item to you is on me. I strongly recommend buying a tracked service for your returns since you will have to carry the risk of it getting lost in the mail. Which means that without tracking, you’ll have to take my word for it if it doesn’t arrive. There can’t be prove for non-reception.

This means in particular that you can cancel your purchase free of any charges if you do so before it goes into the mail.

Custom made items are excluded from this extended refund policy. (That means you have of course still the right of requesting a fix or giving items back that lack in quality, but you may not give them back just because you don’t want them anymore.) Please note that cutting a custom amount of thread from a whole spool is regarded a custom item. A custom amount is anything other than a 5m piece of thread or a full spool.