Worktable Not Weekly

I am still working. Slowly. About 2 hours, two days a week plus whatever I can do between getting the kids to bed and falling asleep which usually happens at nine pm atm. On three different projects which is a mistake when you have so few time, I can tell you! Do not think that […]

Worktable (not quite) Weekly: Width Adjustable Slipcase Fail

I had the idea to make an adjustable slipcase fort he CD cases I am making. They are little booklets, bound like pamphlets, and it would be nice to have a common slipcase to shelf several similar ones. The difficulty is, however, that the width of these booklets will vary, depending on how many CDs […]

Worktable Weekly: Making of a Study Book for Artists (Part IV)

This is Part IV of showing the process of how I made the book to the left. In the first part I cut the paper and boards, and prepared the pages for the book marks that are attached to the page’s corners. In part II the book block got sewn. In part III the boards […]