My Contribution to the BEST Collaborative Art Project

I showed you some pictures of intermediate states of my contribution the the BEST collaborative art project. What was this about anyway? Well, organized by Karleigh Jae, open to bookbinding Etsy street team members, we started a bunch of collaborative projects: Grouped into four’s and five’s we started to work individually on poems, each one […]

Collaborative Book Project

I am running late, well almost late, with my contribution to the book project that we started among us Bookbinding Etsy Street Team peeps. Still no text bits added, still hesitating whether this is really what I want to hand in. And time is pressing. I need to have it in the mail by Friday. […]

A Peek Into My Studio and a Brief Explanation of the Butterfly Buttonhole

I am rather busy at the moment – therefore the blogging is slowing down a little. I am very happy about a variety of commissions that I am working on. I mentioned it in a previous post: I was commissioned to make a sketch book and a photo album. Both are almost done. (The sketchbook […]