Still Living: Soul Song in a new Form and more books

It has been a while since I last posted here. – Sorry about that! Life has been even more demanding than usual, with the kids being in hospital for a test for which they needed to be sedated, followed by now two weeks of the kids taking turn in being sick at home with high […]

Trying new ways for Soul Song

It might happen that “soul song” is being cast into yet another new form. Other people might do sketches and decide then, I have to try it out. I’ll see. I have two or three new ideas how this should go on. I really liked the look of the white gesso with the golden tips […]

General Updates: Ruled Worlds, Soul Song, Project Message in a Bottle, Thread, and End of Business Year

Checking the archives, I see it has been four weeks since I gave you the last update on my work, the book soul song to be precise. I was already then complaining that progress was slow. Well, the title of the blog suggests that part of this web-journal are stories about the walls into which […]