Knowledge is a message in a bottle

Through my project message in a bottle I now have a bit of contact to other people who write or collect messages in bottles. One of those people is James Ismael Kuck aka Peter Stein. Peter has advanced in recent years to the expert in messages in bottles in Germany. Now one of the two publicly funded German TV stations is going to speak with him about the topic. As before on such occasions, Peter asked his friends and acquaintances for contributions, and so I quickly whipped up a little something to go into the bottles: Knowledge.

Bad Bookbinder

In what ways have you been a bad bookbinder? Noch ein Bild aus meiner Zeit im Bett. Ich wollte eine Serie machen, in der ich notiere, was ich schon so meinen Büchern angetan habe, die sich mit klassischem Handwerk nicht so verträgt. Ich bin allerdings noch nicht dazu gekommen, mehr als diese eine Zeichnung zu […]


While in hospital I needed to find ways to entertain myself. Drawing and sketching is something I never find time to practice enough in daily life, so this was my chance. I tried to keep up an “a sketch a day” practice. Eating and food was part of the entertainment program, too. Most of the […]