Printmaker’s Block, Litho and Ink Experiments, and Twine Trials

Still no progress with my print to enter into the show. I am suffering from a lesser known but just as severe form of writer’s block: printmaker’s block. In interviews with artist’s the question of how they overcome the blank paper and lack of ideas is often asked. Arrogant as I can sometimes be, I […]

The story of 40 misprints

Manchmal entwickeln sich ja aus guten Ideen, und jeweils für den Moment nachvollziehbaren Entscheidungen Dinge, die im nachhinein betrachtet, ziemliche Schnapsideen sind. So denn auch mit dieser total verpfuschten Druckserie… Sometimes you have a good idea, and while you are doing this, there are many small decision that all seem right at the moment but […]