Inspiration – or not

I added a bunch of new stuff to my shop recently: A batch of beautiful new “Write it up!”- Journals (this time with the correct position of sewing stations), two journals with craft paper in the same size and style as my travel journals, but with leather and gold covers, and without a slipcase, and […]

A Peek Into My Studio and a Brief Explanation of the Butterfly Buttonhole

I am rather busy at the moment – therefore the blogging is slowing down a little. I am very happy about a variety of commissions that I am working on. I mentioned it in a previous post: I was commissioned to make a sketch book and a photo album. Both are almost done. (The sketchbook […]

In Motion

So much to do, so little time. I am in motion almost all of the time, most painfully and restlessly when I am sitting quite still at the computer. – I think I never waited so urgently for the “days between the years” (that’s what the days between Christmas and New Year are called in […]

Days Fly By…

…and I still have not found back into my daily routine, and only made one book since the craft fair. I am torn at the moment between making more blank books (the hope is that by listing new items more often, I can easier be found by potential customers), picking up some of the art […]