Belated Webfinds Wednesday: Artist Book Exhibitions Online, and a general update on website, health, and state of the move

Oh dear, I am very late with the webfinds wednesday for March. Aehem, I thought I had scheduled a post, but apparently I didn’t. You’ll find it below. Before I give you links to beautiful books, let me lament and wail a little about how awful things currently are. To start off, my back pain […]

Bad Bookbinder

In what ways have you been a bad bookbinder? Noch ein Bild aus meiner Zeit im Bett. Ich wollte eine Serie machen, in der ich notiere, was ich schon so meinen Büchern angetan habe, die sich mit klassischem Handwerk nicht so verträgt. Ich bin allerdings noch nicht dazu gekommen, mehr als diese eine Zeichnung zu […]

Back Home

I am back home now, but it will take a while until I am back to work. I entered hospital about seven and a half weeks ago, being not really ill but pregnant and with the immediate threat of a miscarriage. For another troublesome seven weeks I managed to stay pregnant (I can only recommend […]