Literature List for March

This is my literature list post for March. As you can see from the titles listed below, I am and was still very much interested in printing. Last months (Febuary‘s list, January‘s list) I bought books about printing because I was (still) interested in sun printing. While browsing the books I got interested in screen […]

Literature List for January

Literature lists are back! When hubby and I visited Chicago a couple of years ago we saw a special exhibition with works of Olafur Eliasson which we both thought was amazing, and we kept talking about it every now and then. For Christmas, hubby wished for a book about him, and got it from his […]

Literature List for September

I know I am running late for this month’s literature list. – Sorry about this! As you might imagine if you read the last blog post, it took me a while to get the computer online and running again. Still I feel distracted by boxes standing around here and there in the flat, waiting to […]