Literature List for February

Before I present this month’s literature list, I want to remind you that the Spring Sale with a discount of 50% on all books is still going on at B├╝chertiger Studio and Press. Please help find good homes for them! This month’s list is a little longer than last one’s but as per usual I […]

Literature List for May

Sorry the list is late – again! A lot has been going on that kept me from blogging: The kids are now two years old! Flickr has gone through major changes and I decided to join the exodus and can now be found on ipernity instead. More moving is being prepared, but I’ll tell you […]

Literature List for April

Sorry, this month’s list goes without long comments. – Too many other things going on, to much other stuff to write about and spend time on writing… Biblio Tech. Reverse Engineering Historical and Modern Binding Structures with a focus on board attachment by Karen Hanmer. A brief overview mainly about board attachment as stated in […]