Coptic Headband Instructions – Second Edition finally for Sale. My Birthday. Give Away!

It’s my birthday today! I love waking up to candle light, blowing them out, and making a wish. And I love getting presents, and calls, and congratulations from everyone. I dug out this photo from a stash of discarded pictures – sorry to family members who look way out of phase. This was taken probably […]

Can You Guess What I am Illustrating #5 – We have a winner

Congratulations to  Dymphie, who won this give away. Apparently she recognized the “unfortunate fir forest” on Saturday, and she was the first to correctly comment that all these cuts illustrate “The Awful German Language” by Mark Twain. I hope you’ll like your pamphlet, Dymphie! For all those who don’t know this text: You can find […]