Easter Give-Away

The normal family madness here is only half a family: Always one of either me or hubby is working while the other is responsible for the twins. When hubby gets home from work, I start to write invoices, pack orders, get them ready to carry them to the mail the next day, answer emails, and […]

Naming Competition and Give-Away

Thanks to all for their entries. First and easy thing to do is to let a RNG decide who is going to win the gift certificate! This is the list of people from who participated: Heike May Vicky cathryn miller Eleanor Saphira Gisela Liesbeth Amanda mark Matthias chad alice Billie Elaine Dennison Cynthia Schelzig Frauke […]

Personalized Book Series Naming Competition and Give-Away

Find a good name for my¬† new series of books, and win one or several of the prototypes! Conditions and rules in detail below, first I am going to describe the product to you – so that you can find a good name! What they all have in common is the following: 192 pages from […]