Play with your digital printer: How to print on tissue paper and fabric

Sometime you want to print on paper that is not stiff enough to be fed through your printer: for example on tissue paper. For example when you want to make a large scroll using thin paper. Or to later use the image in a collage. In the photo above you see a detail of my […]

Printmaker’s Block, Litho and Ink Experiments, and Twine Trials

Still no progress with my print to enter into the show. I am suffering from a lesser known but just as severe form of writer’s block: printmaker’s block. In interviews with artist’s the question of how they overcome the blank paper and lack of ideas is often asked. Arrogant as I can sometimes be, I […]

Yet more experiments with cardboard and dry-point

I made some more experiments with scratching into cardboard and inking that up. Above you see a print from a scratching in thin white covered cardstock, according to wikipedia is is probably called white lined chipboard, but I am not sure. I just took the lid of a package that came with my latest order […]