Book Art Exhibition at the Liverpool Central Library

As I mentioned to people on Facebook before: I had a wonderful Saturday in Liverpool, visiting the city and the exhibition in the Library with the whole family. I am grateful to be blessed with two children who love libraries. Little boy had a little tandrum when we left the library, and another one when […]

Book Arts Fair in Liverpool coming up – Die Stadt/The City on display

Live goes by in a flurry once more with therapy sessions every single day this week, and no studio time for me. I am very weary of hospitals, therapy, and especially therapy dressed up as play sessions. Even my kids see through this easily by now. To keep myself in good mood, new hair dye […]

Good News: Die Stadt/The City will be on display in Liverpool this Summer

Good news: I recently received notice that Die Stadt/The City has been selected for the artists’ book exhibition leading up to and accompaning the first Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair. The exhibition can be seen in the Liverpool Central Library. Based in the Horby Library, the exhibition will open on 2nd June and continue until 6th […]


The opening celebration of my exhibit will be next Thursday. The last weeks have been crazy: Few sleep, much work, and a brain buzzing with new ideas. I really should be doing other stuff now, organize this and worry about that, prepare a mini performance actually. And instead I am folding paper. Well, if I […]