Erased – first copy finished by Zoran

A while ago, in June, I showed you pages that I made for a collaboration with Zoran Vidakovic. Erased is a short text that was erased by painting over in golden acrylics – the ascenders and descenders still peep out, though, making it possible to guess the text. It still can be read completely with […]

Erased, a collaboration of B├╝chertiger Studio & Press and Rucni uvez Zoranoske

I mentioned before that I am working on a piece that is supposed to end up as a book collaboration between Zoran an me. The text is “erased” a poem that I wrote earlier this year. Since I started to work on it, I made countless trial versions, and now have 5 versions I dare […]

My Contribution to the BEST Collaborative Art Project

I showed you some pictures of intermediate states of my contribution the the BEST collaborative art project. What was this about anyway? Well, organized by Karleigh Jae, open to bookbinding Etsy street team members, we started a bunch of collaborative projects: Grouped into four’s and five’s we started to work individually on poems, each one […]