Three Limp Vellum Bindings

If you follow me on facebook and/or instagram, then you have seen that over the last couple of weeks I have made a few books. It’s sad that this is news by now, but that’s how it is. I always wanted to learn to make limp vellum bindings that rely on lacing in the sewing […]

Illegible, Inaccessible and Fake Script + Literature List

For the maps that I am currently drawing as part of my “daily” practise I use writing in fake or obscured script here and there. When I looked more closely the other day, it turned out that in fact very few of the maps in Landscapes II do not have some illegible writing here or […]

Working on a Weekend, and 346 still not finished

  I don’t really know where the last four weeks went that passed since my last blogpost. I worked on finishing the scrolls, making the tubes for them, planning/making boxes to hold all together, and in between added more details to the model. On pretty much all fronts I encountered problems that kept me from […]