Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands

example coptic headbands 04In the picture on the left you see an example of a Coptic bound book with Coptic endbands.
The first edition of “Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands” was finished in 2010 and was sold as a handbound book. Currently the 3rd supplemented and revised edition from 2013 is available, which is sold as an ebook only.
The book contains step by step instructions, each accompanied by plenty of photos. The Coptic binding itself is not explained, only the modifications that you’ll have to do for the attachment of the headbands are covered. It is assumed that you know how to Coptic bind a book with hard covers.
The language is English.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0: Preparations
Chapter 1: One-Colored Coptic Headband
Chapter 2: Simple Two-Colored Headband
Chapter 3: Plain Two-Colored Headband
Chapter 4: True Double Headband
Chapter 5: Poor Double Headband
Chapter 6: Fake Double or Secondary Headband
I: The Whole Construction from Left to Right
II: Alternative Start of the Headband
III: General Tips, Hints and Troubleshooting
IV: A Gallery of Examples

Price for the Ebook-Version: £10 +VAT
Price for the Textbook-Version: (currently not available)

Like all my instructional books this is available in my Büchertiger Supplies Etsy Shop.

Some Screenshots from the Book