Coptic Binding Kit, 2-needle technique

coptic kit1-01

This kit contains everything you will need to make your book: materials, instructions (in German) and tools. The contained book boards were covered by hand, and no two of them are exactly alike. The front cover has Chinese letters and some motif in red for all boxes. The individual signs, the motif and its placement vary. The back cover is bound in a dark brown linen. For the book’s pages the box contains 60 pages of fine book paper which yield 240 pages for the resulting book.

The instructions

The instructions are written in German and contain photos and graphics to illustrate the process. It was printed by a professional printing service on white recycled paper.
The contents: There is a brief foreword that give a historic and aesthetic context of the binding as well as some personal remarks. It follows the core part with the instructions, containing 13 photos and 15 drawings. At the end there is a troubleshooting chapter which explains common mistakes and how to avoid or correct them and a brief chapter that explaines how to select materials for more books. Also contained is a list of suppliers to buy more materials.
After you used up the materials contained in the box, you can still use the instructions to make more books.