Still without Headbands

Noch ohne KapitalbänderThis is the next book that is waiting for its headbands. This book was meant to illustrate the poor double Coptic headbands (white with black).
But I cannot make me add them – I think it looks much better as plain as it is now. Or have I just seen too many Coptic headbands in the last weeks?

Not very well visible is the weave stitch at the waist of the book. This time I followed my own intuition instead of K. Smith. While doing it, I realized that a) this is really the same as his Celtic weave, only that he is using two alternating colors and b) I understood what my initial mistake was – when I made it again this time.

The red cloth was once covering my couch. I used it already once for a similar book with a buttonhole stitch. The label is a piece of rag paper machine sewn onto the cloth before covering the boards.

2 replies on “Still without Headbands”

  1. I like it like this! but if I can see correctly you already punched holes for the headbands so you’ll have to sew them on anyway 🙂

  2. Yes, the holes for the headbands were already there 🙁
    SoI decided finally this morning to add them. I still liked the book better without, but the bands turned out really nice, I think – check it out on Flickr 🙂

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