Snowy Owl, Cathryn Miller

cathryn miller snowy owl 01Here is another book that I received in our current swap over at the book arts forum. Cathryn was not my swap partner, but she decided to send out her contribution to all participants.

It was actually me, who suggested the swap, and this is what I wrote at the time:


I thought I’d propose a new [swap]. Given my lack of time at the moment, I am thinking of something small: A swap of -let me call it bookish items. I am thinking of small books with one signature at most, folded and cut from a single sheet of paper preferred, the simpler the structure the better. A simple folded card would be acceptable and great if this is what suits your content.
Since the structure is to be simple, this time I suggest we all generate some content. This content could be simple, too: A photo folded up pleasingly would totally fit within what I have in mind here.

Later we agreed on “winter” in a broad sense as a common topic for our content. Cathryn’s book is simple in many ways: It is just folded from a strip of paper in a accordion style, and the cover is just another reversed fold at the end of the strip. It then closes by inserting the pointed end into a cut slit. I didn’t know this folding before, and really like its elegance and simplicity. Cathryn said, that she had seen postcard booklets folded like that, and I do think I remember having seen something like that.

The imagery shown black flecks on the white paper that are reminding of the pattern on a snowy owl. One of the pages then indeed shows a altered photo of a snowy owl, and in the end there is a poem about a snowy owl hunting a mouse. As far as I can tell written by Cathryn herself.

Thank you, Cathryn!