A view from my studioIt’s been snowing so much already this year. In the radio they said that in many cities in the north of Germany the salt to clear the streets does not suffice to keep all streets clear of snow. This is the view out of the rear window of my studio, taken in the morning, about 6 hours ago, and it still is snowing. – I love snow! So I took a walk along the river around noon. Although it is the brightest time of the day the photos that I took turned out a little gloomy. But here are two for you to enoy:


pigeons in winter

3 replies on “Snow”

  1. Hi Hilke

    Great pictures, we have 9cm of snow here. Pretty isn’t it, I love snow too. I can’t go and play though, as my back is too sore this time.

    Happy New Year

    Billie 🙂

  2. Hi Hilke,

    Very beautiful photos, I just saw this morning how serious the snow is near the Baltic. Such a different story here, with very hot days, total fire bans just about all over the country (except the parts in flood!) and serious threats of bushfire. Such extreme weather all over the world! Carol

  3. Thanks, Billie and Carol, nice to hear you like the pictures.
    If you have seen pictures from the north of Germany, then you know that this is nothing what we have here.
    I live in the middle of a city, which makes any weather less of a problem, and have all shops in walking distance. Still people went crazy and on Saturday instant soups and dry bread were sold out in our local supermarket 🙂

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