I briefly mentioned a swap on the books arts forum before. It was not my most inspired contribution ever, and I never got around to show you what I made for the swap. But now is the time, I guess. I received notice that my swap partner received her copy (and all other recipients, too), and so I do not spoil anyone’s surprise by showing it to you. It is a little late in the year, though. I made a couple more and was planning to give it away here, but I so do not want to sent snow to anyone now!

I tried myself with some calligraphy but then ended up using just my handwriting for the card. When I look at it, I don’t like it: It seems so uneven and clumsy. But I always like other people’s handwriting and therefore actually use it quite freely and unashamed. I guess that when other people look at it, they just won’t see it the same way I am seeing it. I mean, I also don’t like my recorded voice and still speak to people.

The little book features a common German winter song “Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen” (little snowflake, little white coat) which I sung a lot to the kids this winter. It is in the structure of an simple folded “instant booklet” (terminology of Esther K. Smith), and I always wanted to use that you can pull out a part of it, so that there is a “chamber” in the middle.

The book has – as sung in the song – a window which is frost covered, and though it you can see a snowman and a snow ball fight. Included in the envelope were a couple of paper snowflakes.

I also cut some rubber stamps with snowflakes on them and stamped them all over the little book.

It was fun to participate again in a swap!


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  1. This is a lovely little book, a wonderful design, beautifully made. I’m sure your little ones love that song. I hope you get some spring weather soon. Our autumn is slow to arrive but today isn’t hot for a change so maybe it has started.

    1. thanks, glad you like it 🙂 We spent the Easter days on the coast and it snowed every day. We are so craving the sun and spring by now. So thanks for the good wishes. And a wonderful autumn and winter to you!

    2. I still cannot comment on your blog. My guess is that the newly added security features don’t let me. I also don’t get to see the word verification question, my comment just vanished when I click on “comment”.

      1. Isn’t that strange and annoying! There are a couple of blogs that I can’t comment on because there is no sign of the send or publish button but other people have no problem adding comments…
        The intricacies of the internet are too much for me. Enough that I can comment on your blog and if I say something on mine that you need to respond to, just email me.

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