Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands

prototyp-six-ways-01There it is: My first, ready bound, and printed copy of  “Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands” by Hilke Kurzke.

It has 65 pages, contains 84 photos and one sketch, instructions for the usual, one-colored Coptic headband, and the five others that I discovered a few months ago.

The last chapter is dedicated to troubleshooting. It contains some general tips and tricks, addresses those problems that I had while learning the stitches, and has a specific section for lefties.

prototyp-six-ways-02As you can see on the right, the book opens well and stays nicely open even on the last pages (this here are pages 56 and 57).

I had instructions for the simple two-colored headband up here as a tutorial. Of course this headband is also contained in the book. The post here was an abbreviated version  with only 9 instead of 14 photos.

prototyp-six-ways-03Before I’ll offer them for sale it has to go through a round of more serious testing: Ideally I want to make M. try it out. I think he would be a perfect test candidate: he is good with learning from written instructions, but doesn’t know anything about bookbinding. As far as I can tell he never touched a book binding needle (and that even though he lives with me).  If he can follow the instructions, I am sure you all will manage, too. But when I asked him this a few minutes ago, he seemed quite reluctant. Apparently he is not so eager to change the fact that he never touched a binder’s needle.

I hope I raised your curiosity! It will be printed and bound on demand, once I am sure that the instructions are clear. I plan to list it during the next week  in my Etsy and my DaWanda store.

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  1. Congratulations, your book looks as though it will be a really useful addition to the Coptic bookshelf. I will certainly buy a copy.

  2. Sounds like a good addition to my library too. Making coptic headbands is at the top of my to-learn list this year.

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