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I have already told in you some detail the story of my Secret Santa fail in Leiden, about a month ago.I think I never showed you the book that I gave to her? So here it is again. Inserting the ceramic “coin” at the top edge turned out quite a challenge. And forced me to try a new type of covers – this are a type of split covers with the coin sitting on the lower half of the front cover, and inside the upper half for protection, fixing it in it’s position.

Maybe I should explain again what this was about: Secret Santa is the name of a swap we are holding among the European Street Team on Etsy. We each first filled out and then received a filled-out questionnaire. Then we made a gift for our secret swap partner, from whom we would generally just have the information from the questionnaire. No one of us new who was making something for us, until we received the present.

Yesterday evening I received my gift – and it turned out it was no stranger but Julia from the Spotted Sparrow. And I got the most beautiful things – I’ll show you:

secret santa
This is how it arrived here: Packed in brown paper, cotton string around it, a beautiful greeting card, cookies in a bag, decorated with a flower made from book pages and a button. - This gave such a harmonic overall look that I hesitated opening the package; unwrapping it felt too much like destruction.
Secret Santa
But the hesitation only held on for a few minutes, and then I started unpacking: You see here a set of beautiful greeting cards, the cookies again and the card Julia wrote to me, and in the center something that looks like a book. On the spine it says "Susann. Valley of the Dolls. Berhard Geis Associates" - I expected to find blank pages inside.
Secret Santa
What a surprise! The pages are glued up all around the edges, so that there is one big block of paper in side the book. But being a nosy girl, I investigated further...
Secret Santa
There is a place where the pages are not glued together, and I had to check whether it is completely filled with the number paper.

Thank you so much, Julia! It was great fun unpacking this present, and it contained such a nice surprise. I am still smiling to myself while I am writing this. – I love this book and it will get a special place in my collections of books and book art.

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