Saturday in the Studio

This is how my studio looks today. Much better than yesterday! Yesterday, I thought I’d grant myself a break from ugly paper- and office work (need to fill out tax forms, applications, insurance stuff, …). But when I entered: Oh, my! I took a picture, but sorry for the low quality: my hands must have shaken from the chaos there and the strain of simply entering. It doesn’t look nearly as bad on the picture as it was in reality.

It was actually hard to enter because too much stuff was stored on the floor, on every horizontal surface things were stacked, including a pile of books on the chair beneath the window. And the working surface (on the right) was so filled, I couldn’t do what I wanted to – sketch. Not something I necessarily need a lot of space for. So the only thing that was possible to do was to tidy up.

But how? Where should I put all this stuff. The answer is: More shelves. The only piece of semi-free wall was behind the door. But I figured, doors are an antiquated concept anyway and totally overrated:

Well, in the end I even figured out a way of how and where the put the chairs in the almost happy end photo on the right, and was able to leave the room again. Now finally the floor is free, and the stuff lying on the tables on the left are indeed things I work on. Plus the chairs are no longer used for storing stuff. Now I just hope I’ll find some studio time for more pleasant activities than tidying up before it is all messed up again.

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  1. Hi Hilke

    Drives you mad when you ‘just’ want to do something simple and to get there takes hours of cleaning up. Now its done though you will have space and some time to enjoy your new found space.

    I had to do something similar in my space last year too, I wonder if you found long ‘lost’ things in your tidy up. I found things I’d been looking for and things I’d forgotten I had 😉

    Billie 🙂

    1. Hi Billie,

      nice to hear from you again! I know exactly what you mean with “just” doing something and getting completely distracted – this is so frustrating. Especially when then that something you wanted to do gets interrupted by yet another quick idea – and in the end nothing gets finished…
      No, I didn’t find surprising things. In this case I worked rather focused and just put stuff away, nothing got unpacked in the process. But the thought crossed my mind that if we are moving soon (which we will if everything works as planned; soon being a flexible term of course) then I will probably find a lots of things.

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