Ruled Worlds

Attentive readers might have notices a plural when I was talking about current projects. Here are some pictures of the other one: Ruled Worlds.

Wer gut aufgepasst hat, hat vielleicht den Plural bemerkt, wenn ich von meinen derzeitigen Projekten gesprochen habe. Das hier sind nun zwei Bilder (vom gleichen Objekt) von meiner anderen Arbeit: Ruled Worlds.

2 replies on “Ruled Worlds”

  1. Fun! I do detect the mathematician in you coming out again… 🙂 I like the silhouettes. I’m very curious to see what this becomes!

    Continuing from your last post (I wasn’t able to leave a reply there), I do hope some sort of drop cloth or canvas will provide the solution you need. What my friend has on her studio floor is actually rather comfortable, even to sit on. You need to be able to dribble and splatter without fear! Hers are utilitarian ones that house painters use, but I’m thinking the material isn’t all that different from what people make floor cloths/rugs out of–basically, a heavy canvas.

    1. Indeed this is a mathematical project 🙂 I’ll write more about it when I find the time to do so. Right now I am waiting for more supplies for cutting the silhouettes a little better, among them a pair tweezers-scissors. I hope they will reach me today, so that I can show them off this weekend 🙂

      Sorry for the inconvenience about the closed comment section: I am receiving so much spam on this blog, that I decided to close the comments after a comparably small time. I will have to look more closely again at that canvas, so far I have only seen stuff that people complain about because it let some paint through, or that only comes in rather thin (3 feet) strips. But it does sound like a really good solution.

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