On the right, robots of the week

Do these two count as two robots? Then I am still on track with my challenge, but so far I didn’t manage more than this one scribble. I might catch up on the weekend, though.

Martin’s Pond in Wollaton

I did try and go for walks, as I notice that this really helps my creativity. Last week, I ventured into a “nature reserve” nearby. I don’t know whetehr this is an English or a Nottingham thing, but there are a lot of so called nature reserves among residental areas, some are big, some are small, all feel to me like I wasn’t living in a big city after all. The photo I took maybe 15 or 20 walking minutes away from our house in the area where we live.

Trowell, Notts, November at noon

Today then I decided to turn the other way and walk past the city borders. The photo below was taken after maybe a 30 minute walk. Although the landscape looked really nice (Novembery-autumny-English), it turned out a bad idea to venture out that way: I had to walk close to a street on a narrow sidewalk where cars sped past me at the permissable speed outside cities. And when I decided that I had enough of this and wanted to take the bus home, I had to realise that my bus card wasn’t valid (because I was outside city boundaries).

Well, what you don’t do to wake the muse. Can’t say it worked on this occasion. I was too worried that I would be run over by a car.

yesterday’s three. Not the most brilliant stitch pattern… But I rather like the covers. I think I’ll add some holes and change the stitch tonight
The pile I made 8 years ago. Stocks are running low now.

Yesterday evening I made a couple of notepads. I just finished with the one I was using (I made a huge pile years ago, and slowly use them up. I love the format…). It was great making books again. I might try more of that in the next couple of weeks 🙂

To mark the occasion, I re-edited the instructional post I made at the time to include the old photos; why don’t you check it out here: Enjoy!

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  1. The nature reserve is beautiful! You are lucky to have that nearby. Too bad about the walk out of town – it does look lovely, but walking with traffic is no fun. I walk 5 or 6 days a week, but more for health than creativity. We are lucky to have a nice park nearby. I guess for creativity I listen to music – some sub-genre of new age, like Brian Eno, or recordings of Tibetan monks chanting (Lama Gyurme). Occasionally knitting for awhile makes me want to draw. Or meditation.

    The robots are great, I would consider them all robots. I made a few sketches, intending to make rubber stamps but haven’t gotten that far.

    The note pads are a brilliant idea too. We just have scraps of paper floating around, not very organized. (-:

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