Project Message in a Bottle

flaschenpost no 067-070 kleiner

Project message in a bottle is a large performance piece in which the waves, the wind and tides, the finder and I all participate.

This project is about connection and communication, about the art of parting with creations, about patience, luck, and giving up control.

From the start I thought of this project as part of my work as a book artist, pushing the definition of what a book can be a little bit further. Most of the books (i.e. bottles with messages inside) have a “cover” – a piece of flat art that is rolled up against the inner wall of the bottle, hiding the
other contents from view. Like a book, the bottle reveals its contents after opening, it requires reader interaction. Inside is more written material: There is always a letter, explaining the project and giving my contact details. And each bottle has a small gift inside. Sometimes that gift is text-based: a poem or short story, sometimes it is an object like a mini book, shells or stones, or the stamp that I cut to create the cover, and sometimes it is the experience the finder will have when following the instructions / exercise contained.

abwurf mainz weihnachten 2013A last photo, a short farewell, and then – splash! – in it goes. A little boy points, someone asks me what I am doing, and we talk a little. A last photo, a farewell, and – splash! in goes the next one. I watch it as long as I can – which is sometimes a surprisingly short while, the little bottles vanish quickly between the waves. Sometimes I watch them float past
people on boats who just don’t see them. So far I have not witnessed anyone finding one.

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