Progress continues to be slow – Moebius

Those of you who read this blog regularly might already be wondering what became of my moebius project. The answer is: I am still on it. I finished the second prop, and now I am making a third. Or rather, I made a version with content that was supposed to be the final result, bound with black thread. Then I realized that white really would be better. (I already mentioned after the version with red thread that I would probably prefer white. Ah, I wish I had listened to myself.) Now I am binding it again. Progress is slow but constant.

Mit Möbius geht es immernoch weiter. Nachdem eine erste Version mit Inhalt fertig war, mache ich jetzt eine weitere, hoffentlich bessere. Im Juli letztendlich muss ich endgültig fertig sein, und dann will ich, dass alles perfekt ist. Naja, so perfekt, wie so eine Art Buch eben sein kann.